Shut Off Valve

Shut Off Valve
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Product Description

Shut Off Valve
RO Reverse Osmosis 4 Way Valve - Auto Shut off Valve

This 4 way valve is used to automatically shut off the water from the reverse osmosis system when the tank is full. The valve works off pressure to detect when the tank is full and turns off the water to help prevent constant running of the waste water from the ro system.

If you can hear constant running waste water from your current RO System then it is likely you need a new 4 way auto shut off valve as your current valve may be sticking.

This valve uses all 1/4" Push Fittings for easy connectivity, you simply push your 1/4" water pipe into the holes on the valve to make the connection, meaning there is no need for fiddly screw connectors - even if your existing system does use screw connectors these can simply be removed and the pipe can be pushed straight into the valve.