RO 50 GPD Under sink filters

RO 50 GPD Under sink filters
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Product Description

No one Else Gives You a Water System Like Thise

A complete 3 stage water purification and treatment system filter which is Exactly identical to the technology used by leading bottled water companies. Now it can be under your kitchen sink today

3 Stages reverse osmosis filtration system filter:

1 Stage: 5 micron sediment pre-filter, all polypropylene cartridge (prevent bacteria grow), with gradual filtration that enhances holding capacity over standard sediment cartridges

2 nd Stage: Block Activated Carbon filter

3 Stage: TFC 50 GPD membrane, filtration down 0.001 micron

Includes: -

Metal 3.2 gallons reservoir tank with ball valve (FDA and NSF approved)

* long reach chrome metal faucet (long life without leaks)

* quick fitting on faucet for easy installation

* shut off valve, for water economy

*drain and diverter valves included

* flow constrictor

* stainless steel check valve (to prevent back-pressure that reduces water production)

*color coded tubes

*standard size filters, membrane and tubing Installation kit + Installation and use guide

Fresh, Crisp Taste Superior to Bottled Water

50 Gallons/day Output Fastest Flow

3 Stages Complete System's

Easy Installation

Saves $400-$800/year, Saves Time FDA & NSF Certified Components

Made in USA with High Performance Parts